Silicone Foam Pillow for Baby Head Shape of Newborn Bulk wholesale

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Model: V-ZR203
Size 420mm*250mm*20mm
Pillow Case material: 94% cotton
6% spandex
Pillow body cover material:
81% chinlon
16% Spandex.
Pillow body material: silicone Foam.
Color: Soft Pink, Life green, Sky Blue.
User: Adult
Weight: 300g

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This Contour Pillows are not simple Memory Foam pillow. Its made by the latest Silicone Foamer technology made Silicone Foam.
The Silicone foam compare Regular Memory Foam and latex advantage as bellow:

  • NO aging phenomenon,
  • NO oxidation
  • NO Powder after long time use.
  • Able to washed and hot water sterilization
  • Inhibition of mites

So our New advantage Silicone foam Pillow would be a great product for instead of your current pillow for a healther living room, and a better Sleep environment

Our Silicone Foam are use same material as Teat. So it was absolute safe for no matter adult or Small baby. No matter how baby bite tear the pillow will no hurt baby’s health.

Washable and able to wash in hotwater will make you easy to clear and sterilization for pillows. No matter saliva, Milk stains, or other pollution on pillow all is super easy to clean and no smell and dirt on it.

We accept Small order and Customized lable order, Our Powerful technology and supply ability will give you a strong support.
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3 reviews for Silicone Foam Pillow for Baby Head Shape of Newborn Bulk wholesale

    Cassha Poole
    April 9, 2021
    Kids are very pleased with this pillow! it is super soft and strong support. and I'm thrilled to be sleeping on something all natural. Thanks so much!
    Michael Husky
    March 12, 2021
    This is the most fantastic pillow I’ve ever used! It’s not too big like normal pillows so your head isn’t too elevated, which is really nice!! It’s not too firm and not too soft. It’s the perfect density.
    Sarah Benichou
    February 16, 2021
    Love this pillow!!!! Finally got a pillow that has what I have been looking for!!!

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